Notification of Annual Review for 2021/2022 Academic Year CSC Scholarship Students


Dear Chinese Government Scholarship students:

In accordance with the relevant regulations of the China Scholarship Council and SIE, the annual review of Chinese Government Scholarship students in the 2021/2022 academic year has begun.The Chinese government scholarship students must participate and pass the annual review in order to continue to receive the scholarship for the next academic year. The relevant information of this annual review work is hereby notified as follows:

Students to be Reviewed

Chinese GovernmentScholarship students who has pursued academic study for at least one semester and will continue to study in our university after September 2022.

Review Content

1.Contents of student self-assessment: compliance with rules and disciplines,study status, and activity participation. The students should carefully complete the self-evaluation according to the requirements. It is recommended that students clearly list their performance in all aspects of the school year according to the items. If you have been rewarded or made contributions, please provide relevant supporting materials.

2.Contents of university evaluation: ethics, academic performance, learning/scientific research attitude, activity performance. (The university evaluation form is directly filled by SIE, and students do not need to provide it)

Review Criterion:

Students with one of the following situations will be evaluated as "unqualified" and be suspended from receiving the Chinese government scholarship for the next academic year:

1. Endangering China's national security and interests, damaging the public interest, disrupting social public order and causing adverse effects;

2. Disobedience to school management, inappropriate speech and behavior, causing serious adverse effects;

3. Violation of the school rules and discipline, and placed on probation;

4. Repetition or demotion due to unqualified examination results;

5. Failure to meet the stage cultivation standard for international students.

If the scholarship is suspended, the scholarship will be suspended from the beginning of the next academic year, but the student can apply to stay in school to continue his or her studies at his or her own expense in accordance with the relevant regulations of the university. Before the expiration of the suspension period, the student may, upon application, participate in the annual review of the year, and if the review is qualified, the scholarship may be resumed from the next academic year upon approval by CSC.

Students with one of the following conditions shall be disqualified from receiving the Chinese government scholarship.

1. having been ordered to withdraw from the university or expelled from the university;

2. Failure to participate in the annual evaluation without valid reasons;

Those who are disqualified from receiving Chinese government scholarships will have their scholarships suspended from the date of announcement.Their eligibility for Chinese government scholarships will not be recovered.

Material Submission

For Chinese GovernmentScholarship studentsplease fill in theForm for Annual Review of Chinese Government Scholarship Status.And send the photocopy of this form to Emma. Do Rename the document you send with your student number (for example: B01).


Deadline of submitting the self-assessment form is May 18th , 2022. Those who do not submit materials on time will be disqualification for the scholarship of the next academic year.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

Wish you all progress in study and good health!

School of International Exchange

                                                                                                                                        Nanjing Audit University

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